20th March - 2nd May 2020

The Collector's Room -curated by Karen David

The Collector's Room transforms JGM Gallery into a parlour room of a fictitious collector. The walls are painted and velvet curtains installed. Artworks and objects are brought together demonstrating this imaginary collectors’ leaning towards illusions, magic and Harry Houdini, the Hungarian-born Jewish Escape artist. 


Participating artists are: Jonathan Allen, Ralph Anderson, Dominic Beattie, Katrina Blannin, Isha Bohling, Juan Bolivar, Anne Marie Creamer, Karen David, Austin Eddy, Machiko Edmondson, Tim Ellis, James Fisher & Kate McLeod, Ludovica Gioscia, Katie Goodwin, Alastair Gordon, Andrew Grassie, John Greenwood, James Hopkins, Chris Jones, Richard Kirwan, Joy Kngwarreye, Hiroe Komai, Caterina Lewis, Karl Marrow, Barbra Nicholls, John Richert, Sophia Starling, Holly Stevenson, Philly Thomas, Suzanne Treister, Richard Wathen, David Ben White, Alice Wilson, Lex Shute, Jessica Voorsanger, Neil Zakiewicz


And we are delighted to have a publication text by Richard Allen.

Is this desire2018.jpg

25th October -November 2019

I am pleased to participate in a group show titled 'Zombies' with a few of my very small paitings (40cm x 50cm) at Peter von Kant in London.

Dow Jones Architects, Alasdair Duncan, Oliver Durcan, Machiko Edmondson, Dan Hays, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Realf Heygate, Daniel Shanken

10th June - 12th August 2019

Two of my 48 inches square paintings are being shown at this year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

They are in Room I which is curated by Jane and Louise Wilson. (Alongside W Tillmans, E Magill, F Banner, T Abts, J&L Wilson, B Eno, D Batchelor, I Julien,  J Deller, T Schütte and more.) and Bob and Roberta Smith's Room VIII. (A Huxley, B&R Smith, F Bowling, Biggs & Collings,  J Voorsanger,

L Milroy, M Craig-Martin, C Parker, R Deacon, R Wilson. and  many more) 

‘It is the only large survey show curated by artists, and that should surely have some intellectual traction.’

Jock McFadyen, this year's coordinator.


11 August - 24 November 2018

'Heads Roll' show
'Heads Roll' show

at Graves Gallery Museums Sheffield

'Heads Roll' show
'Heads Roll' show

at Graves Gallery Museums Sheffield

'Heads Roll' show
'Heads Roll' show

at Graves Gallery Museums Sheffield

'Heads Roll' show
'Heads Roll' show

at Graves Gallery Museums Sheffield


I’m excited and delighted be showing a large piece at a brilliant group show called HEADS ROLL, which is curated by Paul Morrison, at Graves Gallery-Museums Sheffield with many of the esteemed artists (both historical and contemporary) such as Glenn Brown, Auerbach, Caulfield, Nigel Cooke, Craig-Martin, Klara kristalova,Léger, Lowery, Opie, Deniel Pettitt, Ged Quinn, Rosetti, Sickert, Luc Tuymans, Rembrandt, Richard Wentworth, Mathew Weir, James White and Christopher Wool.


8th November 2018


I was asked to paint an imaginary portrait of a fictional character, who is an officer/poet of WW1, for Mick Harvey (of ex Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and long-term collaborator) for this new album cover image.

Album will be released on 9th Nov 2018 from Mute.


June - Aug 2018 • • • • •

I'm happy to be included in this year's Royal Academy (250th anniversary) Summer Exhibition. Coordinated by Grayson Perry. 

The National.jpg
Standard Summershow18.jpg

May 2018 • • • • •

'Malevolent Eldritch Shreiking' at Attercliffe™, Sheffield, UK

A large diverse international salon style multi-generational group show about painting (in some aspect)at Paul Morrison’s artist-run space in Sheffield is currently on.  My small painting is seen here with Michael Craig-Martin's.